Cambridge has a thriving business community

We're incredible fortunate to have a thriving business community, which is cheered on by our local Chamber of Commerce.
On this page, you'll find some useful information about what the Government is providing for businesses, a new initiative which offers a free job-matching website for Waikato people.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce has a range of information on their website, and also Facebook page to help support local businesses.
There are some great webinars to be watched with helpful advice:

Te Waka

Waikato’s regional economic development agency. 
As part of the Government to response to COVID-19 they have announced a $4million regional support package for SMEs which will be delivered using the Regional Business Partners Network.
Te Waka’s Business Growth Team will deliver this programme with the support of the service provider network, regional organisations and district councils.   
If you’re a business owner and need to speak to one of our business advisors, call us on 07 857 0538 or visit:

Waikato Nxtstep

A free job-matching website for the Waikato region has been launched to support business owners and employees through Covid-19.
Waikato Nxtstep is where Waikato businesses can list their vacancies and job seekers can list themselves.
The goal is employment and business continuity for the Waikato. People are going to be looking for paid employment as we move between all 4 levels of the Covid-19 alert system, then into recovery.
Visit: for more information and to register.

Waipa District Council

Rates Relief
Waipā District Council has announced a series of rates relief measures – including lower penalty charges and changes to penalty remissions - to help ratepayers struggling financially as a result of Covid-19.
WDC Covid-19 Info:Waipa DC Covid-19 Info
Rates Relief visit: www.waipadc.govt