Feeling unwell? Let you doctor know your symptoms

Doctors are now operating normally. Call your doctor if you are feeling unwell or have any one of the COVID-19 symptoms and are a close contact of a confirmed case, have recently travelled overseas, or been in contact with recent travellers. 

They will talk with you and arrange for you to be assessed if they think this is needed. This assessment will be based on your symptoms and circumstances. 

Regardless of COVID-19, if you are feeling unwell and think that you need to be assessed by a doctor, you should make an appointment as you usually would.

Please phone your own local doctor or pharmacy to enquire whether they have the Flu Vaccine, and also the availability of an appointment.
Most doctors will have a 'drive through' clinic - please stay in your vehicle.

Flu Vaccinations

This year’s flu vaccine campaign will be the biggest ever with 400,000 more vaccines available in 2020, compared with last year. The Government is asking all those that fit into the category below, try and have their immunisation by Monday 27 April, 2020.
Influenza immunisation is recommended and FREE for people who are most likely to get very sick, be hospitalised or even die if they catch influenza. These are:

  • Pregnant women (any time during pregnancy).
  • Essential workers
  • People aged 65 years or older.
  • People aged under 65 years with diabetes, most heart or lung conditions and some other illnesses, see the table below for more details.
  • Children aged 4 years or under who have had a stay in hospital for measles, asthma or other breathing problems.


Local Medical Centre and Pharmacies


  • Cambridge Family Health - phone 07 827 4234 or visit our website 
  • Cambridge Medical Centre - phone 07 827 7184 or visit our website
  • Duke Street Medical Centre (Dr Alf Pinfold) - phone 07 823 0281
  • Leamington Medical Centre - phone 07 827 5959 
  • Dr Nigel Schofield - phone 07 827 6655
  • Dr Krishnen Pillay - phone 07 827 9933


  • Comins Pharmacy - phone 07 827 7091 or visit our website
  • Countdown Pharmacy Cambridge - phone 07 827 5940
  • Unichem Cambridge Pharmacy - phone 07 823 0700
  • Unichem Cambridge Medical Pharmacy - phone 07 823 7652
  • Unichem Pharamcy (Leamington) - phone 07 827 7283 

Symptoms of Covid-19, the Flu or a Cold

To the left is a graph of symptoms that show the difference between Covid-19, the Flu and a common cold.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, and are concerned, please phone your own medical centre and have a chat to a nurse there, who will make an appointment for you to discuss with your doctor via a phone consultation.

For more information, please visit Ministry of Health website or phone Healthline - 0800 358 5453