Tell us your lockdown inspiration

How did you get through lockdown? We'd love to hear the weird and wonderful stories and activities that made lockdown easier for our Cambridge community! 
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A message from Kimbra

Hamilton born and bred, multi-award winning musician – Kimbra, sends her love from New York for a message to New Zealand during lockdown.

The Inspirational 100 year old
Captain Tom Moore

This lovely elderly gentleman has completed a feat that many around the world are in awe of. He has inspired to many and given a lift to humanity. A wonderful story - tissues required!

Check out how rower Emma Twigg staved off boredom during her lockdown period

World champion rower Emma Twigg is ramping up some good ol’ Kiwi ingenuity during lockdown. Not wanting to miss a beat, the three-time Olympian taped sticks to oars and set up her erg in her Cambridge backyard. Source: