All schools have taken the required measures to ensure that your child is safe.

Personal Hygiene

  • We ask that if you are unwell, please stay at home. We 'kiwi's' often push through a cold and keep going to school - we ask that you don't. We need to be cautious - especially coming into winter. If you are no well - do not come in to school. If you become unwell at school, please go to the nurse or sick bay and the school will ensure you get home. It may be just a cold, but if you develop symptoms in line with COVID-19 please get it checked out promptly.
  • Individual hygiene. This is our major defence against sharing any disease onsite. Please wash/sanitise your hands everytime you go to the toilet. Please sanitise your hands before you enter a classroom and when you exit* (This is dependant on your individual school's Health and Safety protocol).

For further information on what is required at your local school - please check their facebook pages below for the most up to date info: