Volunteer Buddies here to help

People in need are being connected with buddies in our community through the Civil Defence.
Volunteer buddies can assist with getting food, transport, accompany you to doctor, hospital or other essential apppointments, social and financial support.
Residents who call for a buddy are assessed for their needs and distributed to local Welfare teams nearby. The local teams then follow up to match the person with a volunteer buddy.
Volunteer buddies follow strict guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health to reduce the spread of COVID-19 including maintaining physical distance, regular handwashing and other self-care instructions.
Buddies are required to wear an authorisation badge at all times and hold their authorisation letter with the name of the badge holder.
They are sourced from recognised support agencies with vetting procedures in place including local Rotary clubs, Neighbourhood support, Citizen’s Advice Bureaus, and community houses.
To request assistance, please phone 0800 800 405 between 7am and 7pm or email info@safercambridge.co.nz

A massive Thank You to all the people of Cambridge who put their hands up when we asked for Volunteer Buddies for Civil Defence - the response was amazing and humbling.
There are people who are actively engaged with a volunteer, however we’re going to retain all volunteers names so we can contact you should your assistance be required as we move between lockdown levels.    
Neighbourhood Support has a project in the pipeline and we will be contacting those volunteers who may wish to help soon……..we’ll keep you posted!

Join Neighbourhood Support - Cambridge

Sadly, when an unprecedented event happens, that's when we realise, that we may be 'out of touch' with our neighbours due to our busy lives that we all lead these days.
It's not too late. Register to become a Neighbourhood Support Cambridge member, it's free - and it provides a sense of peace of mind for those who may not have loved ones living close by.
You can register online or download the form below (pictured to the right), and email it to: info@safercambridge.co.nz