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Community Patrol

Cambridge is very lucky to have a Voluntary Community Patrol that works in partnership with the local Police and makes the community safer for everyone. 

The Patrol is currently recruiting day-time patrol volunteers.  Read about what they do below and read this to see how you can help in the new day time patrol. 

Introducing Cambridge Community Patrol

July 2022

It is easy to feel that you and your family are living your busy lives in isolation.  However, in Cambridge we are very lucky to be supported by many unseen community organizations.  One of these is our very valuable Volunteer Community Patrol.  

The Community Patrol drives our streets and roads for up to seven nights each week and has been active since May 2017.  All patrollers are volunteers.

The Patrol works alongside our local Police, who communicate with one another to extend the ability to observe our streets.  On a typical night, patrollers might secure business premises unintentionally left open, observe and report suspicious people and vehicles or find support for vulnerable people out at night.    There have been several occasions when the Police have requested assistance from the Patrol and the Patrol has been successful in giving the Police key information that leads to an arrest.

Several times, the patrol has encountered a vehicle suspiciously parked in a secluded area or outside a popular retail outlet at night.  When the suspicious vehicle sees the patrol, it immediately leaves the area.  We believe that the mere presence of the patrol prevents break-ins and other illegal activity. 

Since the patrollers have been operating, they have encouraged commercial premises to increase their security and have found that break-ins have ceased at some premises that used to be burgled frequently.  

Our community patrol is fully funded by donations.  They receive outstanding support from C & R Developments in Cambridge who provide both the vehicle and the fuel which enable the patrol to operate.  The patrol is always seeking mature volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer or donate to the Patrol, please contact Neil Bridgland at

If you want to make a difference in your local community. Get in touch. 

The Patrol is currently seeking volunteers for the daytime patrol in the Cambridge retail area.  Training will be provided.

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