"Coming together as a neighbourhood was the best way in dealing with the issue..."

What is Neighbourhood Support?

Our common purpose is to create safe and caring neighbourhoods and communities, build community resilience and strengthen community networks.
We endeavour to help our groups:

  • Solve local problems
  • Reduce crime
  • Minimise anti-social behaviour
  • Support victims of crime
  • Learn to cope with civil defence emergencies
  • Liaise and co-operate with other like-minded community groups

We aim to educate our groups about personal and property security by providing crime prevention and civil defence advice, encouraging neighbours to communicate with each other and take an interest in each other’s well being.

From time to time NZ Civil Defence and NZ Police want to send alerts or information to particular areas.  If you are a member of Neighbourhood Support, we can make sure these come to you.

Hello from your Neighbourhood Support Community Engagement officer.

Hello Neighbours

Thank you for visiting our Neighbourhood Support website.  If you haven’t joined already, you can join HERE.

Neighbourhood Support is about creating safe and supportive communities and joining can help you to form stronger connections in your area.

The prime objective of Neighbourhood Support is to bring people together, as we know that people who have strong, trusting relationships work well together to build friendly, helpful and safe communities.  Places where we all want to live! 

It’s amazing what happens when neighbourhood communities work together.  Some groups make sure that they stay in touch regularly, especially supporting those who live alone or who have disabilities.  Some just love to have fun, social events.  Others take on grand projects to refurbish their neighbourhoods, to advocate to the local council for change in their area, or to do disaster planning for their road.  Anything is possible when people work together.

Neighbourhood Support is administered by the Cambridge Safer Community Charitable Trust, for Cambridge and surrounding areas.  The Trust employs a part time staff member who encourages and supports volunteer neighbourhood coordinators who take the lead to make things happen in their area.  She (Eileen Hawkins - me!) is based in the Cambridge Community Pavilion on Victoria Square on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  She is often out and about meeting people though, so you can also contact her on 021 266 9653 or on info@safercambridge.co.nz if you have any questions.

Please “like” our Facebook page so that you can stay up to date with what people are doing to enrich their neighbourhoods:  Neighbourhood Support Cambridge on Facebook .  I would also recommend that you “like” and follow the Waikato Police page: Waikato Police on Facebook ,so that you can learn about any crime related events close to you.

Please join us in working together to create well connected, safe and resilient neighbourhoods – in other words, great places to live!

Warm regards, Eileen Hawkins

Thanks for our wonderful supporters