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Donate & help support a safe and caring Cambridge community

Join our $100,000 Fundraising Campaign for a safer, more resilient and connected tomorrow

As our community continues to grow, so does our commitment to ensuring a safe, resilient, and well-connected environment for all. To sustain and elevate our efforts, we're launching a fundraising campaign with a goal of $100,000 (which will support us to continue making an impact for another year).

Your contribution fuels initiatives that:

Enhance safety icon

Enhance Safety

Implement safety measures, community patrols, and neighbourhood support programmes to keep everyone secure.

Build resilience icon

Build Resilience

Develop programmes that strengthen our community's ability to bounce back from challenges.

Foster connections icon

Foster Connections

Facilitate events and activities that bring neighbours together, promoting a sense of unity and belonging.

Thank you

Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact. Your support allows us to continue making strides in creating a community we're all proud to call home. Thank you for helping our community to thrive!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters


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