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Newsletter July 2022

Newsletter June 2022

Introducing our new Community Engagement Coordinator

June 2022

We are delighted to announce that Kathy Rawlings has joined our team as Community Engagement Co-ordinator for Cambridge Neighbourhood Support and will now work alongside our Community Engagement Lead Eileen Hawkins.

Kathy is married with four adult children. They have a beautiful (but naughty!) Cavoodle named Milo.  Kathy and her husband recently moved to Cambridge from Auckland after falling in love with the town having spent nine summers here when their teenage children were involved with their school’s rowing programme.

Previously Kathy provided Supervised Contact Services to her community and more recently worked in the Medical Device Industry as part of the Customer Service and Operations teams.

Over the years Kathy has been a highly active member of the fundraising committees for her children’s childcare facilities, schools and sports teams.

Kathy is thrilled to be joining the Cambridge Neighbourhood Support Team and looks forward to working with Eileen to promote Neighbourhood Support in the community by encouraging the community to get involved and look out for each other.  She wholeheartedly believes that it is important that we all live in a well-connected, safe and capable community.

Annual Rural Hall Visits with Waipa Councillors

Staying connected with our rural neighbours

May 2022

Every year Waipa Community Board visits rural community halls to talk with residents.   Our Cambridge Neighbourhood Support Coordinator is invited to attend and this is a good opportunity to encourage residents to strengthen neighbourhood connections, to address safety concerns and to plan together for unexpected weather and other severe natural events. 

Recently, our coordinator Eileen Hawkins visited Hora Hora, Maungatautari, Monavale and Kairangi halls with Waipa Councillors and Mayor, Waipa Council staff and a representative from the Waikato Regional Council.  Many newer residents had the opportunity to join Neighbourhood Support and Eileen was able to offer to lead neighbourhood meetings where residents could hear from our Local Police, Civil Defence or Fire and Emergency staff.

If you are new to one of the rural areas around Cambridge and you are interested in setting up a meeting with your neighbours to discuss how Neighbourhood Support might benefit you, please get in touch.  You can contact us via email at or drop into the office on a Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 11am.  

Our office address:  

Community Pavilion (formerly Cricket Pavilion), Victoria Square, 67 Queen Street, Cambridge.

"On the Beat" by Senior Constable Deb Thurgood

From Cambridge News - May 2022

We are indeed a town that cares, and this is demonstrated in many ways. Did you know we have a diligent band of volunteers who act as extra eyes and ears around town in the evenings? They patrol in a sign written ute and liaise with Police around crime prevention, assisting with such things as proactive patrolling, monitoring for suspicious vehicles, alerting shopkeepers to insecure premises and more. Each patroller goes through vetting and training before going out on patrol and I am appreciative of their dedication and community spirit. If you are interested in volunteering your time, contact in the first instance.

At the Safer Cambridge website ( you will also find information about our Cambridge Neighbourhood Support. Getting to know your neighbours has many advantages. It provides social networks and added security, opening as it does lines of communication when anything suspicious happens. Being part of a registered Neighbourhood Support Group connects you in with a wider network, providing information on crime prevention and local issues when they arise. Eileen Hawkins is the NSG Community Engagement Officer here in Cambridge. You will find her in her office at the Community Pavilion at Victoria Square or on the email above. To register your interest in becoming part of a group, get in touch.

Oaklands Neighbourhood - Making it Happen!

February 2022

Do you want to hear a great neighbourhood story?  Have you been wondering about the transformation at the entrance to Oaklands?

Late in 2021 Cambridge Neighbourhood Support sent a community survey to our members.  One of the questions asked was “if together we could take action on one thing…what would be most important to you?”.  An Oaklands resident pointed out that the entrance signs on Thornton Road were looking very shabby!  He asked “Who is responsible for this?  How do I approach the property owners without being intrusive?”

Bring on Neighbourhood Support!  Our Oaklands Drive Street Coordinator, Pam Poppe was contacted.  She immediately started to rally the neighbourhood to find people who had the skills and equipment to wash and paint the signs.  Many ideas were put forward and many offered to help, either with a bucket and cloth, with a water blaster or to try to source paint.

Eventually the neighbourhood accepted an offer from Jim Bradley, a painter who lives in Oaklands.  Jim undertook to do the whole job himself!  Jim is a perfectionist so he wanted to be sure that the preparation and painting were well done and would last.

See the amazing transformation below:

This is a great example of what our neighbourhood communities can achieve when they work together.  Oaklands residents feel grateful that they can be proud of their street entrance again.  Jim Bradley’s work schedule is increasing!  Oaklands Street Coordinators met together recently and who knows what they are planning next?
If you would like to join our Neighbourhood Support community and work toward connected, safe and resilient neighbourhoods, you can join online here or email