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Cambridge Neighbourhood Support News and Events

Inspiring Future Citizens: Our Children's Citizenship Programme

5 June 24

At Cambridge Neighbourhood Support we believe that fostering a sense of citizenship and community responsibility from a young age is crucial. That's why we're excited to talk about our Children's Citizenship Programme, designed specifically for primary and pre-primary-aged students. This programme aims to empower children to think about how they can contribute positively to our community now and in the future, helping them grow into responsible family members, good neighbours, and active participants in the wider community.

Understanding Citizenship

 Citizenship isn't just about knowing your rights; it's about understanding your responsibilities and how you can make a difference. Our programme focuses on teaching children the importance of being active and engaged members of society. We explore various roles they can play within their families, neighbourhoods, and communities, emphasizing that even small actions can have a big impact.

Our work so far

We have been delighted to facilitate our programme in early childhood education centres and Leamington and Hautapu schools so far with some amazing feedback. 

“Wow - thank you Kathy and Jessie for the amazing lesson!  It was so cool!” AND “We really did enjoy having you come for the lessons and our Tamariki learnt a lot!”

Behaviours That Matter

Throughout the programme, we highlight key behaviours that are essential for good citizenship:

Honesty: Practising  integrity.  Always being honest and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Compassion: Showing kindness and understanding towards others, and being willing to help those in need.

Respect: Accepting someone for who they are, even when they're different from you or you don't agree with them.  Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing.

Responsibility: Being accountable for one's actions and understanding the impact they have on others.

Courage: making good choices in the face of fear or obstacles

Looking to the Future

By instilling these values and behaviours in young students, we aim to nurture a generation of thoughtful, proactive citizens. Our Children's Citizenship Programme is more than just a series of lessons; it's a journey towards building a better community for today and tomorrow. We are proud to support these young minds as they learn, grow, and become the changemakers of the future.

Join us in this exciting initiative and help shape the leaders of tomorrow, today! For more information on our Children's Citizenship Programme, please contact us at Together, we can make a difference, one child at a time.


Building Bridges: Neighbourhood Support and Police Collaborate on Community Podcast, Sponsored by Sound Lounge

4 June 24

Here at Cambridge Neighbourhood Support we are always looking for ways to communicate with our community.  It all started when Dane Clarke of the Sound Lounge said he was interested in promoting neighbourhood connection and safety in his neighbourhood.  While we walked around the street meeting his neighbours, we also got talking about his business making podcasts.   Then when Dane learned that we were run by a charitable trust he generously offered to gift us a podcast session. 

Of course we were excited to try something new and naturally we offered to share this opportunity with one of our key partners, the Cambridge Police.  This generated a quick collaboration and before we knew it our local Community Liaison Officer, Deb Hann and I were together in the Sound Lounge studio.

Both Deb and I answered questions about safety from crime, Neighbourhood Support and the Police as best we could during our half hour in the studio.  We’ll be eager to share this with you as soon as it has been edited.  Watch out for the link on our Facebook page and website. 


Roto-o-rangi Families Come Out to Talk Safety.

23 May 24

The quiet rural neighbourhood of Roto-o-rangi came alive last Thursday with a vibrant safety event hosted by Cambridge Neighbourhood Support. The family-friendly event drew residents of all ages, eager to learn about safety measures while enjoying an array of engaging activities and demonstrations.

One of the major attractions for the children was the local Fire Service's display, which featured a shiny, red fire truck that captivated young imaginations. Children eagerly climbed aboard, donning fire helmets and pretending to steer the massive vehicle, their faces lighting up with joy and excitement.

Adults were equally fascinated by the Fire Service's cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) goggles. These VR goggles offered an immersive experience, allowing participants to navigate a simulated house fire scenario. The realistic simulation provided invaluable lessons on how to effectively plan and execute an escape route in the event of a real fire. "It's incredible technology," remarked one resident.

Adding to the technological showcase, Farmgate talked to many interested people about their innovative farm safety system. The system includes robust gate barriers and sophisticated cameras capable of reading vehicle registration numbers to automatically grant access to known vehicles. This technology not only enhances security for farm properties but also ensures that only authorized individuals can enter, reducing the risk of theft and unauthorized access. Farmers in attendance were impressed by the system's potential to safeguard their livelihoods.

The event also featured informative booths from the Civil Defence, Police, Community Patrol, and the Rural Support Trust. Each organization provided valuable resources and advice tailored to the unique needs of the rural community. The Civil Defence representative emphasized the importance of being prepared for natural disasters, offering tips on creating emergency kits and plans. The Police and Community Patrol shared insights on crime prevention and community safety initiatives, fostering a sense of collective vigilance and responsibility.

Meanwhile, the Rural Support Trust highlighted their role in providing assistance and support to farmers and rural families facing challenges such as financial hardship, mental health issues, and the impacts of natural disasters. Their presence underscored the importance of community solidarity and support networks in rural areas.

Westpac Cambridge once again provided their BBQ and staff to cook sausages to feed locals and soup and coffee and tea were also available to warm people coming out into a cold evening. 

Residents appreciated the opportunity to engage directly with these essential services, ask questions, and gather information that could enhance their safety and well-being. The event not only provided practical knowledge but best of all, neighbours mingled, shared stories, and met people who were new to the area.

Our event was about more than just safety.  It was about giving the community the opportunity to come together to build relationships, so that supporting one another can become second nature.  We want all our rural neighbourhoods to remain safe and thriving places to live!


Thomas Place Meets for a Cosy Coffee!

18 May 24

Thomas Place residents had a small neighbourhood meeting on a Saturday in May in the cosy Ophelia café.  Although some neighbours couldn’t make it, the turnout was both positive and heartwarming.  It was fantastic that those who attended were enthusiastic to get to know one another and to include other members of the neighbourhood next time. 

The research is clear - social interaction is critical for our physical and mental well-being!  What could be better than fostering a friendly and supportive neighbourhood? If you are interested in connecting with your neighbourhood and you think that we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phoning 021 266 9653, emailing or contacting us via our website .

Let’s connect!  😊

Neighbourhood Support Shines at Cambridge Autumn Festival

17 March 2024

As the hues of autumn descended upon Cambridge, our team at Neighbourhood Support was thrilled to be part of the bustling energy of the Cambridge Autumn Festival. This annual celebration, which has become a hallmark event in our town, brought together residents and visitors from far and wide to revel in music, street performances, and community engagement.

At our booth, entertained by the wonderful clown performance, we had the privilege of sharing valuable information about Neighbourhood Support and providing attendees with the opportunity to register and become part of our growing network. Our mission to foster safer, more connected communities resonated with many festival-goers, who were eager to learn how they could play a proactive role in enhancing the well-being of their neighbourhoods.

We extend our thanks to the organizers of the Cambridge Autumn Festival for orchestrating such a spectacular event that truly made a big splash in our town.  The festival was testament to their dedication and hard work in curating a programme filled with captivating performances, engaging activities, and opportunities for community engagement.

As we reflect on our experience at the Cambridge Autumn Festival, we are reminded of the power of community and the importance of coming together to celebrate, connect, and support one another. We look forward to continuing our efforts to nurture safer and more resilient neighbourhoods, inspired by the warmth and camaraderie that permeated the festival grounds.

Your presence and support reaffirm our shared commitment to building a stronger, more connected community, one neighbourhood at a time. Here's to many more joyful celebrations and meaningful connections in the days ahead.

Community Connection: Dumpling Making Challenge at Alba Place

March 2024

In the heart of Oaklands, in Alba Place, a special event unfolded on a March Saturday: a dumpling making challenge that brought together the residents of our community in a spirit of fun, camaraderie, and deliciousness.

Organized by the neighbourhood support group, this event was more than just a cooking competition; it was a testament to the power of community and the joy that comes from connecting with those around us. As the aroma of delicious fillings wafted through the air and laughter filled the room, it was evident that this gathering was about much more than just dumplings.

Residents came together, led by a well practiced dumpling chef from the neighbourhood who was able to share food from her culture with her neighbours.

As the challenge heated up, so did the friendly banter and playful rivalry among neighbours. Rolling, folding, and pleating with precision, participants showcased their culinary skills while sharing stories and laughter. Even those who were initially hesitant to join in couldn't resist the infectious energy of the event and soon found themselves elbow-deep in flour and filling. 

In a world where we are often consumed by the hustle and bustle of daily life, events like the dumpling making challenge serve as a powerful reminder of the value of taking the time to connect with those around us. Whether it's through food, music, or simply a friendly conversation, these moments of connection are what truly enrich our lives and make our communities stronger.

It’s a reminder for us to remain vigilant in seeking out opportunities to foster connection, embracing the richness of diversity within our community, and savouring the simple joys found in coming together as neighbours, friends, and kindred spirits.

Time to Replace Old Neighbourhood Support Signage!

February 2024

Attention, residents of our vibrant community! As we stroll through our streets, we often pass by familiar landmarks, but have you noticed the wear and tear on our neighbourhood support signage? Those once vibrant and informative signs are now faded reminders of the past. It's time for a change!

We are launching a neighbourhood revitalization initiative to replace these old and faded signs with fresh, eye-catching ones that reflect the pride and unity of our community.  Along with our window and letterbox stickers these signs play a crucial role in crime deterrence by showing our guardianship of our streets and their condition should reflect the dynamic spirit of our neighbourhoods.

How Can You Help?

We need your support to make this initiative a success. If you have noticed faded or damaged support signage in your area, we encourage you to reach out to us.  If you can help, whether by reporting a damaged sign or by requesting a replacement for your neighbourhood, please contact us via our website Register & Contact | Neighbourhood Support Cambridge ( We will be happy to either give you a sign or to arrange to come and pick up the old sign and install a new one in its place.

Let's work together to breathe new life into our community and ensure that our neighbourhood support signage reflects the vibrancy and unity of our community. Together, we can make a difference, one sign at a time.

Thank you for your support!

Bupa St Kilda Residents Have Fun & Prepare for Emergencies!

February 2024

In a collaborative effort to promote community resilience and preparedness, Cambridge Neighbourhood Support recently organized a stimulating session at Bupa St Kilda, sparking enthusiasm and camaraderie among the residents. The event aimed to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge to effectively prepare for an emergency.

The session kicked off with an engaging activity that showed participants how being connected with others can improve mental and physical health.  Then participants were set an emergency preparedness challenge that fostered teamwork and problem-solving.  Residents were tasked with preparing emergency kits.  From first aid essentials to non-perishable food items and important documents, each kit was meticulously “assembled” under the guidance of Cambridge Neighbourhood Support.

Amidst laughter and shared anecdotes, residents embraced the challenge, demonstrating a keen interest in safeguarding themselves and their community in the face of adversity.  Discussions flowed freely, with participants exchanging valuable insights and experiences related to emergency preparedness.

Throughout the session, emphasis was placed on the importance of communication and cooperation during times of crisis. Residents were encouraged to establish communication channels with neighbours, fostering a sense of unity and mutual support within the community.  As the event drew to a close, prizes were awarded which lent an additional spark to the activities. 

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support looks forward to organizing similar sessions in the future, further strengthening the bonds within the community and ensuring its collective readiness to face any challenges that may arise.

Children's Citizenship Programme Takes Flight

December 2023

We are very pleased to tell you that we have now launched our Manaaki Children’s Citizenship programme to primary and pre-primary children in Cambridge.  Our aim is to have children think about their role in the community while they are still young. 

We hope that if they consider how they can be a good citizen now, these children will grow up contributing to their community in the future.  They will know how to work with others to make their neighbourhood a fabulous place to live!  As the programme rolls out, children will be asked to display certain behaviours being compassion, courage, honesty, respect and responsibility.   

So far we have visited pre-primary centres and the children at Leamington School.  Early feedback “Wow - thank you Kathy and Jessie for the amazing lesson!”  Some keen children have already completed the first module successfully and have been very excited to win a voucher for free ice cream at Copper and Cream’s new Leamington store!  Schools enrolling early have an opportunity to win a $150 Mitre10 voucher.

Stay tuned for more details about the programme and get in touch at if you would like your Cambridge (town or rural) school to be involved.

Your Participation Matters – Update Your Details Today!

December 2023

We're excited to announce an initiative that aims to enhance your experience as a valued member of our community. We've recently employed a dedicated person to update and maintain our member database, and we need your help to ensure its accuracy.

Why the Update Matters:

Accurate information is crucial for several reasons, particularly when it comes to your safety and community engagement. With precise details, we can:

Neighbourhood Meetings: Keep you informed about local gatherings and neighbourhood meetings that directly impact you and your community.

Emergency Alerts: Send you timely alerts from the Police and Civil Defense, ensuring you're promptly informed about any emergencies or important developments in your area.

How You Can Help:

We're asking each member to proactively contact us to update their contact details, so that we can continue to provide you with relevant and timely information.

Ways to Update:

Email: Send us an email at with the subject line "Database Update – [Your Name]."

Phone: Give us a call on our dedicated member services line 021 266 9653.

What We Need:

Please provide any changes to your:

Ø  Email Address

Ø  Phone Number

Ø  Mailing Address

Ø  Emergency Contact details

Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring that you don't miss out on important updates and community activities.

Your Safety, Your Community:

Thank you for being a vital part of our community. Here's to another year of growth, connection, and shared experiences!

Your active participation is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the overall improvement of our community.

Thank you for being a valuable member of Cambridge Neighbourhood Support. Here's to another fantastic year ahead!

🚑🆘🏠 Calling All Cambridge Neighbours! Learn Life-Saving First Aid with Us! 🆘🚑

Are you ready to be a role model in your community? Cambridge Neighbourhood Support (CNS) is thrilled to announce our subsidized First Aid Training Courses, aimed at empowering our neighbourhoods to be even more resilient in times of emergency! Together, we can make our community safer and better prepared for any unexpected situation.

Thanks to the generous support of Cambridge Community Board, we are offering an exclusive opportunity for 200 lucky individuals to participate in these vital first aid courses. Don't miss this chance to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to respond confidently to emergencies and potentially save lives!

 Why Should You Enroll?

 👉 Life-Saving Skills: Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. By joining our first aid course, you'll learn essential techniques that can make a significant difference in critical situations until professional medical help arrives.

 👉 Be Prepared: In emergencies, a quick and effective response can be the key to preventing further harm. Our courses will teach you how to assess situations, handle injuries, and provide appropriate care, ensuring you're always prepared to take action when needed.

 👉 Empower Your Community: As a trained first aider, you become a valuable asset to your neighbourhood. You can share your knowledge, raise awareness, and inspire others to join the effort in building a safer and more secure community.

Course Details: Our next course will be held on Saturday 23 March 2024.  The course runs for between 3 & 4 hours and participants can obtain NZQA unit standard 6402.  

To secure your spot and become a First Aid Champion for Cambridge, register now at Hurry, seats are filling up fast, and this incredible opportunity won't last forever!

Let's come together as a strong, united community, equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies with confidence. Remember, a safer Cambridge starts with each one of us. Enroll today and make a difference tomorrow!

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support (CNS) - Strengthening Community Resilience, One First Aider at a Time. 🤝👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧

Retirement Village Engages in Safety Session

November 2023

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a safe and informed community, we recently had the pleasure of hosting a public speaking engagement at the Resthaven Retirement Village. The focus of the session was on equipping our residents with valuable insights on staying safe from crime, making it an interactive and engaging experience for all.
The Power of Shared Knowledge:
The event provided a platform for our residents to come together and glean insights on personal safety and crime prevention. The session was not just informative but also highly interactive, encouraging participants to share their experiences, concerns, and questions.
Learning in Action:
Attendees actively participated in discussions, making the event a dynamic exchange of ideas. From practical tips on securing homes and cars to recognizing potential risks, the wealth of shared knowledge created an atmosphere of empowerment. It's heartening to hear that residents found the session worthwhile and learned a lot in the process.
Testimonials from Attendees:
Here's what some of our residents had to say:
"I learned a few things!” 
"The interactive format made the information more relatable."
"Thanks for coming.  The session was very worthwhile!"

Ongoing Commitment to Safety:
Events like these underscore our ongoing commitment to creating a secure and informed living environment. By sharing knowledge and fostering community engagement, we strengthen the bonds that make Cambridge a truly special place.

Upcoming Events:
Stay tuned for more community events aimed at enhancing safety, fostering connections, and ensuring that each resident feels confident and secure.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this session. Your active participation makes our community stronger and safer.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe month ahead!

CNS partners with Civil Defence Waikato

In October, CNS attended a Civil Defence Welfare Group meeting chaired by Cathie Shaw, Emergency Management Coordinator for the Western Waikato.  The group includes representatives from the community that take an interest in civil defence.

At the meeting we discussed emergency planning in general and learned more about how to set up and manage an emergency management centre.

Our strong partnership with local Civil Defence personnel makes sure that we are in a position to share the latest information with our members during an emergency event.

At CNS we are encouraging neighbourhoods to plan how they can respond in an emergency, through our Capable Community Campaign.  If you would like your neighbourhood to be involved, please contact us at or on 021266 9653.

Ihimaera meets under the blossoms!

This was the scene of a neighbourhood meeting for the residents of Ihimaera Terrace late September.  It was a very popular meeting, so we snuggled together on the beautiful deck of the Irresistablue café with a backdrop of gorgeous pink blossoms. 

Neighbours were keen to catch up or get to know one another and much seat swapping took place.  The benefits of creating a Neighbourhood Emergency Plan were discussed and residents shared the skills and equipment that they hold so that a bespoke street plan can be created.

If you would like to connect with your neighbours or you want to create a Neighbourhood Emergency Plan and need a hand to get started, contact Eileen at Cambridge Neighbourhood Support on 021 266 9653 or email

Te Miro residents brave the cold!

On a crisp September evening in Te Miro, concerned residents from the tight-knit community gathered at the local community hall for an important meeting. The main agenda? To discuss safety from crime and the implications of New Zealand's recent firearm legislation. In a valuable opportunity for residents to engage with local law enforcement and community leaders, the meeting brought together the expertise of the local senior Constable, Firearms Manager, and Community Patrol Leader. The event served as a platform for open dialogue, informed discussions, and the strengthening of community bonds.

The meeting began with a warm welcome from Cambridge Neighbourhood Support.  Our local senior Constable then emphasized the importance of community involvement in crime prevention.  She shared insights on current crime trends, safety measures, and the significance of reporting suspicious activities promptly.

One of the most crucial aspects of the meeting was an in-depth discussion of the new firearm legislation in New Zealand. The Firearms Manager presented a comprehensive overview of the legislation, ensuring that residents understood its implications. Key topics discussed included firearm licensing, storage requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance.

The Community Patrol Leader discussed the vital role played by volunteers who actively patrol the neighborhood, contributing to a safer environment. He encouraged residents to get involved and shared information on how to join or support the community patrol. Together, they help keep an extra set of eyes on the streets, creating a sense of security for everyone.

Participating in your local community meetings is an essential step toward creating a safer, more cohesive neighbourhood. The meeting in Te Miro was just one example of how engaged residents, law enforcement, and community leaders can work hand in hand to build a stronger, safer community. As our rural community continues to grow and evolve, these gatherings will remain a crucial part of ensuring its residents' safety and well-being.

Roto-o-rangi residents out in force!

On a May evening more than 50 enthusiastic Roto-o-rangi residents came out to meet each other and to discuss safety.

They heard about the importance of reporting all crime using the 111 number for an emergency (something happening now) and 105 by phone or online to report suspicious activity or crime after the offender is long gone.   Deb Hann explained how reporting all crime and suspicious behaviour greatly assists the Police in catching offenders before they commit further crime. 

Residents were keen to register for Neighbourhood Support and to renew Neighbourhood Support signage in the area which help to act as a deterrent to crime.  Residents are now planning together best placement and funding for CCTV cameras.

Well done to Roto-o-rangi residents for making things happen where they live!

Alba Place gets it's just desserts! 

9 May 2023 - Celebrating a new Neighbourhood Emergency Plan

Our neighbours at Alba Place were one of the first neighbourhood communities to create their neighbourhood emergency plan as part of the CNS Capable Communities Campaign.  For their timely efforts they won a free morning tea and enjoyed a good catch up and delicious fare from Joe's Garage. 

Now residents in Alba place know where their emergency resources are located and have started discussing what else they might do to keep their neighbourhood safe.  We are looking forward to hearing about their completed "Grab and Go bags"!

Well done Alba Place!

CNS at Cyclone Gabrielle Fundraiser

29 April 2023

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support (CNS) was amongst those fundraising for Cyclone Gabrielle victims at the Cambridge Anglican Church (White Church!) in April.

Our mascot Ruru the Owl, and our robot photographer were very popular, drawing in both children and adults.  Neighbourhood Emergency Plans were a hot topic given our many recent storms, with many asking how they could sign up their neighbourhoods!   

CNS was pleased to have the opportunity to support Cyclone Gabrielle victims and to chat with our neighbours about safety from crime, emergency preparedness and the benefits of connecting with neighbours.   

Whitehall Neighbours - Rural Meeting

27 April 2023

Recently Whitehall Neighbours had a fantastic meeting at the Whitehall Settlers Hall. The meeting was super informative with a range of guest speakers.

First up was Deborah Hann - Community Liaison Officer- NZ Police. We then heard from Robyn Nation- Arms Manager Waikato - Fire Arms Authority and then from Neil Bridgland- Cambridge Community Patrol. 

There was a lot of conversation about keeping your property safe, the importance of reporting anything unusual, the new firearms register, the role of the Community Patrol and much, much more. It was lovely to meet everyone and see people connecting with their neighbours.

We are visiting our rural neighbours monthly, so look out for a community meeting near you!

Fencourt Neighbours - Rural Meeting

30 March 2023

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support (CNS) hosted a meeting for Fencourt residents late in March 2023.

Local Waikato Police Officers and Firearms Manager spoke about keeping safe from crime and changes to firearm legislation.

Residents were able to ask anything they needed to know about crime and firearms legislation, and it was a lively and informative meeting!

If you are interested in holding a rural resident meeting in your local hall, please contact CNS on 021 266 9653 or on

First Neighbourhood Emergency Plan celebrated

February 2023

On a Saturday in February our winners of an "early adopter" morning tea met to celebrate their new street emergency plan. During a lively meeting, Lower Duke Street residents reviewed their emergency plan and talked about what they might do next to keep their street safe.

Over coffee and muffins and with a lot of laughter and good conversation, they discussed drainage and trees and agreed that at their next get together they would compare “Grab and Go bags”.

We would like to congratulate Lower Duke Street residents who are well on the way to being ready for the next storm, earthquake or whatever may come.

We would also like to thank the Waipa District Council who supported us to help our neighbourhoods become more resilient.

If you are interested in creating a neighbourhood emergency plan as part of our Capable Communities Campaign, please contact us at Cambridge Neighbourhood Support on 021 266 9653 or at

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support Partners with FENZ

September 2022

Neighbourhood Support partners with NZ Police, Civil Defence and Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ).  Recently your Neighbourhood Support Coordinator has been speaking at the September 60s Up and Lyceum meetings with Michelle Hinton from FENZ.  Our audiences were happy to have the opportunity to learn more about their own safety at home.  These are a few of the important facts that Michelle has shared:

The Fire Triangle

A fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen to ignite and to maintain itself.    Therefore, you can stop a fire by denying it one or all of these elements.  Michelle showed us a tremendous fire surge that occurred as a result of pouring a small amount of water into hot oil.  She then demonstrated the correct way to starve a fire of oxygen by holding a pot lid or a wooden board in such a way as to push the flame away from yourself as you cover the pot.  A fire blanket is used in the same way, held up folded over your fingers, and pushed away from you and onto the fire.  (A fire blanket is light and can be much easier to use than an extinguisher.)

Michelle warned against plugging in large appliances to power boards, (multiplugs), as this causes excess heat.  The heat with the plastic, (the fuel), combines with oxygen and is a common cause of house fires.

Finally, if you need assistance to install smoke alarms, you can purchase them and FENZ staff will install them for you at no cost.  If you are in the Cambridge area please phone 07 827 6546 and leave a message to arrange a time.

The Fire Triangle

Tamahere Community Meeting

August 2022

It’s not only townsfolk who benefit from working with their neighbours.  Cambridge Neighbourhood Support also works with rural residents surrounding Cambridge on all sides.

Recently we were approached by Tamahere residents who were concerned about crime and suspicious behaviour in the area.  We held a small neighbourhood meeting and the attendees agreed that the Tamahere area would benefit from a larger gathering where they could hear safety tips from our local Community Police Constable and learn about CCTV.  These neighbours then set about spreading the word about Neighbourhood Support to their neighbours and a meeting was arranged.

The area meeting took place on Thursday 18 August.  At the meeting our Cambridge Community Engagement Lead – Eileen Hawkins talked about the benefits of joining Neighbourhood Support and encouraged people to join, so that they could better connect with their neighbours.  Deb Thurgood, our local Police Community Liaison Officer gave the community advice about staying safe in their homes and what they could do to their properties to deter criminals.  She encouraged the community to report all crime and suspicious behaviour using either 111 (if the event is happening or has just happened) or 105 (if the event is over and offender is likely long gone).  Reporting all crime as soon as possible will give the Police the best chance of catching offenders and of preventing further crime.
Terry Johnson from Securenet Security Systems spoke about the different types of CCTV cameras available and where to place them to be most effective.  

Two locals who are setting up a Tamahere Community Patrol attended the meeting.  They were able to talk to residents who were interested in helping with the patrol.

Residents expressed their thanks that a meeting had been arranged and said that they they had enjoyed meeting some of their neighbours.  

If you would like to talk to us about joining Neighbourhood Support, you would like help to connect with your neighbours or you would like to host a neighbourhood meeting, please get in touch with Eileen or Kathy by email at or by phoning 021 266 9653.

Introducing our new Community Engagement Coordinator

June 2022

We are delighted to announce that Kathy Rawlings has joined our team as Community Engagement Co-ordinator for Cambridge Neighbourhood Support and will now work alongside our Community Engagement Lead Eileen Hawkins.

Kathy is married with four adult children. They have a beautiful (but naughty!) Cavoodle named Milo.  Kathy and her husband recently moved to Cambridge from Auckland after falling in love with the town having spent nine summers here when their teenage children were involved with their school’s rowing programme.

Previously Kathy provided Supervised Contact Services to her community and more recently worked in the Medical Device Industry as part of the Customer Service and Operations teams.

Over the years Kathy has been a highly active member of the fundraising committees for her children’s childcare facilities, schools and sports teams.

Kathy is thrilled to be joining the Cambridge Neighbourhood Support Team and looks forward to working with Eileen to promote Neighbourhood Support in the community by encouraging the community to get involved and look out for each other.  She wholeheartedly believes that it is important that we all live in a well-connected, safe and capable community.

We would like to acknowledge funding received from Waipa District Council to support this new position and our work in the community.

Annual Rural Hall Visits with Waipa Councillors

Staying connected with our rural neighbours

May 2022

Every year Waipa Community Board visits rural community halls to talk with residents.   Our Cambridge Neighbourhood Support Coordinator is invited to attend and this is a good opportunity to encourage residents to strengthen neighbourhood connections, to address safety concerns and to plan together for unexpected weather and other severe natural events. 

Recently, our coordinator Eileen Hawkins visited Hora Hora, Maungatautari, Monavale and Kairangi halls with Waipa Councillors and Mayor, Waipa Council staff and a representative from the Waikato Regional Council.  Many newer residents had the opportunity to join Neighbourhood Support and Eileen was able to offer to lead neighbourhood meetings where residents could hear from our Local Police, Civil Defence or Fire and Emergency staff.

If you are new to one of the rural areas around Cambridge and you are interested in setting up a meeting with your neighbours to discuss how Neighbourhood Support might benefit you, please get in touch.  You can contact us via email at or drop into the office on a Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 11am.  

Our office address:  

Community Pavilion (formerly Cricket Pavilion), Victoria Square, 67 Queen Street, Cambridge.

"On the Beat" by Senior Constable Deb Thurgood

From Cambridge News - May 2022

We are indeed a town that cares, and this is demonstrated in many ways. Did you know we have a diligent band of volunteers who act as extra eyes and ears around town in the evenings? They patrol in a sign written ute and liaise with Police around crime prevention, assisting with such things as proactive patrolling, monitoring for suspicious vehicles, alerting shopkeepers to insecure premises and more. Each patroller goes through vetting and training before going out on patrol and I am appreciative of their dedication and community spirit. If you are interested in volunteering your time, contact in the first instance.

At the Safer Cambridge website ( you will also find information about our Cambridge Neighbourhood Support. Getting to know your neighbours has many advantages. It provides social networks and added security, opening as it does lines of communication when anything suspicious happens. Being part of a registered Neighbourhood Support Group connects you in with a wider network, providing information on crime prevention and local issues when they arise. Eileen Hawkins is the NSG Community Engagement Officer here in Cambridge. You will find her in her office at the Community Pavilion at Victoria Square or on the email above. To register your interest in becoming part of a group, get in touch.

Oaklands Neighbourhood - Making it Happen!

February 2022

Do you want to hear a great neighbourhood story?  Have you been wondering about the transformation at the entrance to Oaklands?

Late in 2021 Cambridge Neighbourhood Support sent a community survey to our members.  One of the questions asked was “if together we could take action on one thing…what would be most important to you?”.  An Oaklands resident pointed out that the entrance signs on Thornton Road were looking very shabby!  He asked “Who is responsible for this?  How do I approach the property owners without being intrusive?”

Bring on Neighbourhood Support!  Our Oaklands Drive Street Coordinator, Pam Poppe was contacted.  She immediately started to rally the neighbourhood to find people who had the skills and equipment to wash and paint the signs.  Many ideas were put forward and many offered to help, either with a bucket and cloth, with a water blaster or to try to source paint.

Eventually the neighbourhood accepted an offer from Jim Bradley, a painter who lives in Oaklands.  Jim undertook to do the whole job himself!  Jim is a perfectionist so he wanted to be sure that the preparation and painting were well done and would last.

See the amazing transformation below:

This is a great example of what our neighbourhood communities can achieve when they work together.  Oaklands residents feel grateful that they can be proud of their street entrance again.  Jim Bradley’s work schedule is increasing!  Oaklands Street Coordinators met together recently and who knows what they are planning next?
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