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Neighbourhood Support Near You Now!

Just when I was congratulating myself for being Covid free, out of the blue I started to get cold symptoms and tested positive!  This triggered seven days of isolation and a period where I experienced extreme fatigue.  

One of the bright points during this period was the fact that my neighbours checked in with me every day or so just to see how I was and if I needed anything.   This gave me confidence that if I  took a turn for the worse, there was someone very close by who was willing and able to lend a hand.  It reinforced for me yet again the fact that potentially neighbours are our closest support system.  

When we build neighbourhood connections, we create the potential every day to greet others, to chat and to discuss neighbourhood concerns.  Moreover, when real issues arise, it is these people who are on the spot, who could alert your family or who may come to your aid in an emergency.  

Spend a moment this week building a relationship with one of your neighbours.  Visit a new neighbour with flowers from your garden or stop and chat when you see your neighbour on the street.   The  relationships you build may be some of your most treasured ones!     (Special thanks to my lovely neighbours Trish and Alan!)


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