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Local High School Student Organizes Successful Fundraiser for Safer Cambridge

In a remarkable display of initiative and community spirit, a high school student from Cambridge took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser that has resulted in a generous donation of $400 to Safer Cambridge.

The organizer of this admirable venture is Tansy Clarke, a student at Cambridge High School. Fuelled by a genuine concern for the safety and well-being of her fellow residents, Tansy sought a creative way to contribute to the important work carried out by Safer Cambridge. The ambitious student approached the local Tivoli cinema, to collaborate on hosting a fundraiser.

The event, which took place recently, featured a special screening of the Barbie movie at the Tivoli cinema, with a portion of the ticket sales earmarked for donation to Safer Cambridge. The news of the event spread quickly through word of mouth, social media, and the support of Tansy’s fellow students and community members.

The initiative not only underscored the student's commitment to community welfare but also highlighted the support of local businesses like the Tivoli cinema. The cinema generously offered to collaborate, demonstrating their dedication to social responsibility.

Safer Cambridge operates vital programmes that work toward the safety and security of Cambridge residents. The organization's Cambridge Neighbourhood Support initiative encourages a strong sense of neighbourhood unity and emergency preparedness. Meanwhile, the Community Patrols contribute to maintaining a secure environment through vigilant patrolling efforts.

Upon receiving the donation, Safer Cambridge expressed their gratitude for the student's efforts. "It's heartening to see young individuals take the initiative to make a difference," said a spokesperson for the organization. "This donation will support our ongoing projects aimed at creating a safer and more connected community."

As Cambridge continues to thrive as a close-knit and caring community, it is individuals like Tansy Clarke who exemplify the values that make this town a special place to call home. Through her actions, Tansy has shown a path for others to follow, one that leads to a safer and more connected Cambridge.


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