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The Transformative Power of Your Actions

In a small room in central Cambridge a little-known Trust meets monthly to plan what to do next to support their community.  The Safer Cambridge Trust has been operating for 14 years with its focus to enhance the wellbeing and safety of the members of our community.  The Trust operates Cambridge’s community patrol and neighbourhood support.   

The Cambridge Community Patrol drives our streets almost every night of the week and into the wee hours of the morning.  They work closely with our local Police, effectively extending the workforce available to us to keep us safe from crime. 

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support (CNS) focuses principally on connection.  They encourage and support people in neighbourhoods to build relationships, so that their neighbourhoods feel like safe, friendly and protected spaces.  When people know each other they can more effectively look after the safety of their area.  The aim is for neighbourhoods to be places where people feel a sense of support whenever they leave their doorstep!

The Trust holds strong partnerships with the local Police, Civil Defence and Fire and Emergency and CNS brings their safety messages to neighbourhoods. 

Current campaigns are:

Ø  Neighbourhood emergency plans that give neighbourhoods a guide showing where they can get help in their street with CPR, medical supplies, a generator etc and also who needs help in case of an evacuation.

Ø  Subsidized First Aid courses offered to the Cambridge Community at a cost of only $35 (these usually cost between $80 and $120), to raise the level of safety for all in the neighbourhood.

Ø  Children’s citizenship campaign to encourage children to think about how they can contribute to their community at an early age.

Ø  Visits to rural neighbourhoods to talk about safety from crime and new firearm legislation.

All the good work planned and carried out by the Safer Cambridge Trust is supported entirely by donation!    It costs a minimum of $100,000 per year for the Trust to be able to operate effectively in an environment where both population and crime are increasing.

Safer Cambridge Trust is launching a donation campaign asking people to help us fund our operation for another year.  Anyone who wants to contribute can do so simply by going to our website or by clicking our donate button below.  All donations, large or very small will be gratefully accepted!

Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." By donating to the Safer Cambridge Trust, you embody this philosophy at a local level. Your funds become a catalyst for positive change, fuelling initiatives that enhance our safety, build stronger bonds, and create a vibrant community spirit.

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