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Oaklands Neighbourhood - Making it Happen!

Do you want to hear a great neighbourhood story?  Have you been wondering about the transformation at the entrance to Oaklands?

Late in 2021 Cambridge Neighbourhood Support sent a community survey to our members.  One of the questions asked was “if together we could take action on one thing…what would be most important to you?”.  An Oaklands resident pointed out that the entrance signs on Thornton Road were looking very shabby!  He asked “Who is responsible for this?  How do I approach the property owners without being intrusive?”

Bring on Neighbourhood Support!  Our Oaklands Drive Street Coordinator, Pam Poppe was contacted.  She immediately started to rally the neighbourhood to find people who had the skills and equipment to wash and paint the signs.  Many ideas were put forward and many offered to help, either with a bucket and cloth, with a water blaster or to try to source paint.

Eventually the neighbourhood accepted an offer from Jim Bradley, a painter who lives in Oaklands.  Jim undertook to do the whole job himself!  Jim is a perfectionist so he wanted to be sure that the preparation and painting were well done and would last.

See the amazing transformation below:

This is a great example of what our neighbourhood communities can achieve when they work together.  Oaklands residents feel grateful that they can be proud of their street entrance again.  Jim Bradley’s work schedule is increasing!  Oaklands Street Coordinators met together recently and who knows what they are planning next?

If you would like to join our Neighbourhood Support community and work toward connected, safe and resilient neighbourhoods, you can join online here or email


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