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Tamahere Community Meeting

It’s not only townsfolk who benefit from working with their neighbours.  Cambridge Neighbourhood Support also works with rural residents surrounding Cambridge on all sides.

Recently we were approached by Tamahere residents who were concerned about crime and suspicious behaviour in the area.  We held a small neighbourhood meeting and the attendees agreed that the Tamahere area would benefit from a larger gathering where they could hear safety tips from our local Community Police Constable and learn about CCTV.  These neighbours then set about spreading the word about Neighbourhood Support to their neighbours and a meeting was arranged.

The area meeting took place on Thursday 18 August.  At the meeting our Cambridge Community Engagement Lead – Eileen Hawkins talked about the benefits of joining Neighbourhood Support and encouraged people to join, so that they could better connect with their neighbours.  Deb Thurgood, our local Police Community Liaison Officer gave the community advice about staying safe in their homes and what they could do to their properties to deter criminals.  She encouraged the community to report all crime and suspicious behaviour using either 111 (if the event is happening or has just happened) or 105 (if the event is over and offender is likely long gone).  Reporting all crime as soon as possible will give the Police the best chance of catching offenders and of preventing further crime.

Terry Johnson from Securenet Security Systems spoke about the different types of CCTV cameras available and where to place them to be most effective. 

Two locals who are setting up a Tamahere Community Patrol attended the meeting.  They were able to talk to residents who were interested in helping with the patrol.

Residents expressed their thanks that a meeting had been arranged and said that they had enjoyed meeting some of their neighbours.  

If you would like to talk to us about joining Neighbourhood Support, you would like help to connect with your neighbours or you would like to host a neighbourhood meeting, please get in touch with Eileen or Kathy by email at or by phoning 021 266 9653.


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